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Faculty Course Notes, Syllabi, etc.

The following instructors utilize web-based content in their courses. If you are a student you may have been asked by your instructor to visit this area. If you are curious about instructors' courses, feel free to look here also, but be aware that this is only a small subset of material for those instructors shown, and only a few instructors are using this area of the web site. For more information about programs please review other materials on this web site and/or contact one of the faculty or staff. Thank you.

Dr. Phil Freneau:   Early Childhood Education; Philosophy
Ken Letko:   English
Philip Mancus:   Psychology and Sociology
Thomas Owen:   History; Political Science
Melody Pope:   Nursing
Mark Renner:   Geology; CIS; Digital Media
Ruth Rhodes:   English
Deborah Gerth:   English