ECE 6 - HEALTH, SAFETY and Nutrition



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Course Description:

An introduction to the legalities, standards, policies and procedures, prevention techniques, and early childhood curriculum related to health, safety, and nutrition.  The key components that ensure physical health, mental health and safety for both children and staff will be identified along with the importance of collaboration with families and health professionals. A focus will be on integrating the concepts into everyday planning and program development.

Course Objectives:

1. Identify health, safety, and environmental risks in children’s programs.

2. Evaluate the relationship between healthy development and nutrition and analyze the nutritional needs of children at various ages.

3. Assess strategies to maximize the mental and physical health of children and adults in programs for young children.

4. Evaluate regulations, standards and policies and procedures related to health, safety and nutrition in support of young children, teachers and families.

5. Distinguish aspects of quality in programs for young children as related to health and safety, acknowledging the value of collaboration with families and community.

Text: Health, Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child (Marotz)


Class Participation Students are expected to attend the class meetings all semester on a regular basis. Your active participation in the class is an important part of the learning process for everyone. This includes regular attendance, prompt arrival to class, staying for the entire class, participation in class discussion and activities, and behavior which encourages respect for other adults in the classroom. Involvement in-group activities is important. Students who miss more than four classes can expect to have his/her grade reduced. Three late arrivals or early departures (or a combination of these) are equal to one absence from class. (Question of the day) 50%

Content Review (4 total) Content review projects and questions will be presented during the semester to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered by this class. 40%

Infectious Disease Report Select one of the infectious diseases listed in the text. write a report about the disease which includes how it is transmitted, incubation period, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and any other information relevant to child care personnel. 10%


You may select two, three, or four projects depending on your grade contract.


1. Special Needs Health Report about a particular type of disability. Select a particular area that you are interested concerning special needs. You could focus on a certain disability or a specific concern about special needs. Be sure to include your references and correct spelling and grammar.

2. Interview a health care worker, nutritionist, food provider for a center,or county health worker. You will be able to interview a person and ask all the questions you have always wanted to ask. Please include factual questions as well as questions relating to feelings, emotions or ideas. Try to include questions relating to our course and related topics. In your summary, please include your own ideas and responses.

3. Book Report Select a book written for adults concerning some aspect of health care, safety or nutrition for the young child. The book should contain some educational information and accurate facts. Please let me know about the book that you choose if you decide to pick this option. In your report you will need to do more than just write a summary of the book. Your response to the book is important as well as what you gained by reading the book. Is there information you gained from the book that you can apply to your everyday life? Would you advise other people to read the book? Why? Add any other important information that you think is necessary.

4. Advocacy Letter Write a letter to a city, county, state, or national elected official concerning an issue about children or families in regard to health, safety or nutrition needs or concerns. Please support your position with some research. Your position must be clearly stated along with reasons for your feelings. You may include information from the text or articles or speakers that have been introduced in class.

5. Create your own mini project. You may choose an area of interest to you. Please discuss with the instructor what you would like to do and what type of presentation you prefer. Before you start on your own project, let me know so that we can both agree on the format.

6. Literature review You may compile a bibliography of books written for children which address the area of health, safety or nutrition. The book must incorporate ideas and topics concerning ideas in the text or that we have discussed in class. You will need to turn in a list of at least 20 books along with a summary of each book, the approximate age level that the book was written, your response to the book and the book’s strengths and weaknesses.

7. Health policy review Review a health policy currently being used at a childcare program. Read it and compare it to the suggestions for a health policy discussed in class. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the policy? What improvements would you make?

8. Childcare food program menus Plan a week of menus for any age children (specify the age on your paper). The menus must meet the federal childcare food program guidelines. Plan a breakfast, lunch and snack for each day for a five-day week. For one of the lunches, plan to serve 24 children. Determine the amount of each food item to serve that specific lunch for the age of the children served in order to meet the requirements of the CCFP.

9. Health or nutrition education activity Plan a health or nutrition activity to do with children. Write up an activity card explaining the objectives of the activity, the materials required, and the procedures. Do the actual activity with a group of children. Write up a self-evaluation of the activity. What went well? What could be improved? How did the children respond? Did the activity meet your objectives? The above schedule and procedures are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Grading  ECE 6

In this course you will need to decide which grade you wish to obtain. Your decision will be based on your own personal time and commitment. Please read over the following information and decide what you grade you would like to obtain in this course.

Your grade is based on a total percentage of all the assignments, attendance, and participation in this class. Work turned in late will be subject to a lower grade. A major part of your grade will be in-class activities so attendance is an important factor in this course. There will be no extra credit available however you may rewrite your assignments providing you turn them in early or on time. You have one week after the due date to turn in rewrites.

A 90%+ (You will need to do at least 4 mini projects.)

B 80-89% (You will need to do at least 3 mini projects.)

C 70-79% (You will need to do at least 2 mini projects.)

D 60-69% (You will need to do at least 2 mini projects.)

Assignment schedule

Unit 1

Review Report

Unit 2

Review Report

Unit 3

Review Report

Unit 4

Review Report

mini projects.

last class.

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The above schedule and procedures are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.