The Child in the Family and the Community


Instructor: Dr. Phil Freneau

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Text: Child, Family School, Community by Roberta M. Burns



An examination of the developing child in a societal context focusing on the interrelationship of family, school and community with an emphasis on historical and cultural factors which influence the family and processes of socialization with an emphasis on the importance of respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families. 


Class objectives:

1. Analyze theories of socialization that address the interrelationship of child, family and community.

2. Critically assess how educational, political, and socioeconomic factors directly impact the lives of children and families.

3. Synthesize and analyze research regarding social issues, changes and transitions that affect children, families, schools and communities.

4. Critique strategies that support and empower families through respectful, reciprocal relationships to involve all families in their children’s development and learning.

5. Critically assess community support services and agencies that are available to community and families.

6.  Analyze one’s own values, goals and sense of self as related to family history and life experiences, and assess how this impacts relationships with children and families.


Class Requirements:

1.Attend class (question of the day)

2.Read text

3.Write a Family Analysis paper (8 or more typed pages)

4.Successfully complete 4 topic papers (3 or more typed pages)

5.You may rewrite a paper for a better grade. you must turn your original paper in early or on time to be able to rewrite. you must turn your rewrite in no later than one week after the original due date.



Child paper 10%

Family paper 10%

Community paper 10%

Interaction paper 10%

Family Analysis paper 20%

Questions of the day 40%

Total 100%









Class topics

Class Intro

The Child: Intro to Socialization

The Child: Change

The Child: Challenge

The Child: Socialization

The Child: Agents & Methods of Socialization

The Family: Nature

The Family: Impacts

The Family: Nurture

The Family: Parenting

The Community: School (Child paper)

The Community: Socializing Agents

The Community: Services

The Community: Socializing Agents

Peers: As Socializing Agents

Peers: Function of Peer Groups

Mass Media: Role

Mass Media: Types

Community Ecology: Utilization & Factors (Family Paper)

Values & Morals

Attitudes & Motives


Self Esteem

Sex Roles (Community paper)

Children with Special Needs: Abuse & Neglect

Special Needs: Physically Challenged

Special Needs: Minorities

Wrap Up (Interaction paper)


Analysis Papers due

Family Analysis Paper



  1. Describe the family in detail (number, ages, socioeconomic, jobs, education, house, neighborhood, etc.).
  2. In what systems do they operate (micro, macro, etc.)?
  3. How do the parents go about socializing their children?
  4. How is the family impacted (for good and bad) by outside forces?
  5. What strategies does the family use to reduce the influence of outside socialization?
  6. How does the family utilize community resources?
  7. What types of interactions occur within the family?
  8. Can you suggest strategies that might improve this family? (i.e. How would you go about helping this family if they came to you for help?)

This Analysis Paper should reflect as fully as possible your chosen family’s makeup. Through this paper, you are expected to show that you can relate what you have learned in class to a realbut details alone are not enough; you must relate the details together to give an accurate picture of this family.

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